Connection: One tool for self-healing


teacup (1 of 1).jpgThere’s no better way to wake up on a dark, cloudy morning than a cup of tea! And I loved today’s little message on my teabag tag:


I know when I’ve felt the most depressed, angry, or alone, most of the time I was lacking the very thing that can turn things around – connection with another human being.

So how do we connect in an age of distraction and social media (she says, while posting on an online forum)?

Try saying something that you’re terrified to, to someone that is trustworthy in your life today. Tell this person a fear – a dream – something that is hurting you inside. Believe it or not, opening up is how you let someone else in.

Or even the simple, yet sometimes frightening act of simply asking for someone’s help can open your and another person’s heart wide open.

How do you connect with friends, loved ones, or people who cross your path? Go ahead and comment below! Or did you try connecting with someone? What did you do, and how did it go? Would love to hear your story…



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