Essential oils and doula support

Essential oils are a fantastic addition to any labor or birth support kit for a doula. From helping a birthing person to relax and release, or to give a tired birthing person the kick they need to keep up the work, they can do amazing things.


My friend and Doterra essential oil salesperson Ruth Ann, a local nurse and IBCLC of Mother’s Love Essentials ( recently gave me this kit to try out with my doula clients: A variety of essential oils, carrier oils, a diffuser, and this pretty incredible book written by a midwife here in Arizona, Stephanie Fritz.

Ruth Ann and I are teaming up to help assess the effectiveness of essential oils during labor, birth, and breastfeeding to gather first-hand evidence for both of our practices. I’m excited to offer these tools along with everything else in my arsenal!

If you’d like to learn more about how to use oils during pregnancy or postpartum, check out this book or contact Ruth Ann for her class schedule at

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