About Your Confidence Mentor


My name is Lindsey Gemme. I am a certified life coach and holistic nutritionist with a passion for women’s health and wellness, and helping women to build the confidence it takes to reach their full potential. I work to empower women to learn and develop essential life skills, including overcoming negative personal health habits and beliefs and instituting effective lifestyle changes.

My work is both education and inspiration: I work alongside my clients in establishing a momentum and enthusiasm on their forward journey toward personal fulfillment.

Clients who work with me develop self-management skills that will benefit them throughout their lifetime.


What Makes Me Different

That is why I shape my mentorship with my clients around a more holistic model.

What is holistic wellness? It centers around the mind / body / spirit connection, which can be a delicate balance. It includes how we treat ourselves mentally, as well as physically (which can be affected by the food we eat, and how much we move our body each day, amount of daylight we see, etc.).

That is why my approach to empowering you in starting your journey to a “whole new” confident you does not only address your emotional hurdles to a sense of well-being, but your physical ones, as well.

As your mentor, I will help you assess your personal blocks (negative thought patterns, self defeating beliefs) as well as the physical (eating habits, physical movement, sleeping habits), and spiritual ones (time spent where you find yourself at peace [e.g. church, forest, childhood home], creative outlets, building or shoring up your personal support system) in order to support you in co-creating a personally tailored vision for yourself that you feel good about. It all starts with you.

Are you ready? Do you think you’re ready to start seeing yourself in a whole new light? Make an appointment today!