Knowing your rights as a birthing person

While understanding your rights as a birthing person is vital anytime, in the era of COVID-19, I found this topic especially apropos. I have heard horrible stories from doulas and moms alike about their birth preferences being completely thrown out of the window due to COVID-19, and new hospital regulations that seem to change daily.…

Six holiday hangups that impact milk supply for breastfeeding moms

Breastfeeding can be difficult enough for many moms, but some aspects of the holiday season can make things even more so if she isn’t prepared for them – such as her body’s ability to produce breastmilk. Here are several things to keep a keen eye out for (while you’re watching for Kris Kringle of course),…

Can I drink alcohol and breastfeed?

As the holidays fill our homes and our lives, many new breastfeeding moms everywhere are probably asking – can I drink and breastfeed my baby? Alcohol and breastfeeding have often been seen as oil and water – the two just do not mix. Women for years have been told to “pump and dump” any breastmilk…

Bariatric surgery and birth outcomes

In the US, 41.1% of women of childbearing age (over the age of 20) are obese. Women who are overweight or obese want the best for themselves and their children as much as any woman; and a good many women of childbearing age are considering bariatric surgery to help. Statistics report that


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