What is Mentorship Coaching?

Whether you call it mentoring, transformational coaching, wellness coaching, or life coaching, there are very clear parameters on how you define what coaching is, and does.

It is about moving you forward from where you are in life to where you want to be. I will never tell you what to do. We will not dwell on your past, but rather honor it, and move toward a more positive direction. We work together to empower you in feeling positive and confident in making your own decisions that serve your own best interests, and move forward with energy and a light heart!

My coaching services center around empowering my female clients to integrate healthy lifestyle concepts, both physically and emotionally, into their lives and inspiring them in setting and realizing their beautiful dreams and goals.

What Mentorship Coaching Is Not:

It is NOT psychotherapy/counseling and should not be used as an alternative to these healing modalities if they are recommended. Therapy or counseling is a healing modality used to help you come to terms with your past, and for support to contain and move out of a crisis situation.

Who Could Benefit From A Mentorship?

Nearly anyone! Anyone who is ready to take charge of their life and start making themselves and their happiness a priority is welcome to work with me. Those ready for mentoring, and whom I invite to contact me immediately, are people who are:

  • Looking to create a true, positive shift from being insecure and unhappy to fulfilled in their lives
  • Searching for answers, not band-aids
  • Prepared to do the hard (and sometimes scary) work that moves them toward making those goals a reality

What Will I Learn In My Mentorship?

Working with me as your mentor will help to accomplish building and implementing the following life-changing skills:

Building of intuitive emotional well-being

  • Overcoming self-imposed obstacles, low confidence, or insecurities
  • Overcoming negative personal health habits and beliefs
  • Clarification of personal purpose/desires
  • Instituting effective lifestyle changes
  • Shifting into a positive mindset

Building of intuitive physical well-being

  • Developing a personalized wellness plan that works for you
  • Fitting in physical movement (that you love!) into your day
  • Making better, more informed eating choices
    • Can increase your energy
    • Improve sleep quality
    • Lead to better weight management
  • Stress and time management skills
    • Can decrease chronic illness symptoms
    • Potentially address root causes of addictions & cravings