Once Upon A Time…

After a long, laborious personal journey from being a frightened, unfocused and overweight wallflower with a dead-end career to a confident, driven and vibrantly healthy businesswoman, I knew my calling was to help guide my sisters toward the same result. 

 Since then, I have grown a passion for mentoring other women into realizing and living their full potential and finding fulfillment in their lives through feeling healthy both emotionally and physically.



I spent years afraid of myself, afraid of people, and terrified of mixing the two. But when I was in my late 20s, I hit a depression and knew I had to take a long, hard look at my life. I was in a job that was sucking the joy out of me every day. I had attached myself to a toxic lover. I was overweight, and was sick of myself, inside and out. I knew something had to change, or it would end badly.

It took me several very long years to iron myself out. Simply feeling my way, I went to two different schools for nutrition, started an exercise regimen, cut the toxic people out of my life, slowly learned how to change my mindset from a frightened victim to an empowered woman, cultivated a positive support group, embracing my creativity again, and generally got myself out of my comfort zone.

But it was a difficult and confusing journey to do alone. I realized that I had grown a passion for mentoring other women who feel as lost, low and confused as I did and help them to come out the other side. At that time in our lives, having a hand offered and a guide makes the path a whole lot easier to follow.

Because of my own long personal journey to fulfillment, I know the rigors and dedication of time it takes to get from unhappy to loving my life.

The most important take-away that I learned from those few years of transformation was that wellness and health is not fragmented – neither only physical nor solely emotional. Our entire life experience is related when it comes to health: From how we feel about our career, to our relationships, to even our physical environments, as well as how we feed ourselves and hold and move our physical bodies.

That is why my approach to wellness coaching is three-pronged. I start with how my clients feel about themselves. Cleansing yourself of outmoded, negative concepts of yourself is key. Then I also couple this coaching with a complementary physical wellness component, which is also pivotal to self-healing. The better you treat your body with proper physical movement and healthy eating, the better equipped you are to detox emotionally, as well.

The one major component that I lacked during my transformation was having someone there to help guide me through the process. Someone to help me talk through my concerns, support me as I cultivated my identity and my dreams, and keep me accountable in taking steps toward making my goals and dreams a reality. Having a mentor makes change a little easier and less painful to bear. Because you aren’t doing it alone.

That is why I am so passionate to help guide women like you through that personal journey. Change may sound scary, but if you are reading this: You have been ready for a life overhaul for longer than you realize. Make yourself a priority. Act.

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