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Relax with Reiki

What makes holistic reiki with Artemis Moon different?

As a nutritionist and health coach, I can facilitate a full holistic healing experience for you as we not only work through your physical, emotional and mental healing through reiki, but also through coaching you on stress management, lifestyle habits, and nutrition to support body and spirit as it comes back into balance. This is an ideal approach to wellness prenatally, as well as postpartum.

What is reiki?

Reiki is a method of stress reduction that facilitates healing. It was developed in Japan in the early 1900s by Dr. Mikao Usui. Rei in Japanese means “universal,” or “higher knowledge”/”spiritual consciousness” and Ki (also known as chi in China or prana in India) means “life energy.” 

How does reiki work?

Reiki uses the body’s most natural positive human response to touch, which gently relaxes muscles, clears mental clutter, releases tension, and promotes soothing calm and self-healing. Professionally, reiki is done by a trained reiki master. It is performed using only the Reiki Master’s hands through a simple series of hand placements, touching the client or hovering over the body. Sessions can be either 60 or 90 minutes in length. 

Is reiki safe for pregnancy? 

Yes! Reiki is simply using the client’s own natural body rhythms and energy channels to balance out or clear blockages that are causing pain or preventing true healing from taking place. In fact, reiki is known to help relax and benefit both mother and baby during sessions.

When and where can reiki be done?

A person can be sitting in a chair/wheelchair, laying on a bed, on the floor, in a crowded cafeteria or in a quiet cabin in the woods. Although for complete relaxation, it is recommended that the reiki recipient be in a location they feel safe or at ease and in a position that is comfortable. I provide in-home, or distance-healing (via zoom or other medium) reiki sessions.

How many sessions should I have?

Although even 10 minutes a day can be beneficial, it is a good idea if you are just starting reiki touch therapy with a trained reiki master to have 4 to 8 sessions within the first couple of months, and assess your need from there. After that, you may only need “top-off” sessions at your leisure. Thirty-minute “top-off” sessions for ongoing wellness maintenance are done virtually at this time.

My approach and philosophy on Reiki

Reiki therapy can often bring to light aspects of our health that may need intervention, either medically or due to personal habits. We are a busy modern culture, and don’t allow ourselves the quiet time to assess and to heal. When we do, we can get overwhelmed with all of the concerns that we had buried just to “keep up.” That is why I take a holistic approach to any client, and include lifestyle and nutrition coaching before sessions to help guide my clients to supporting their healing between sessions, and allow my clients to feel empowered again in their lives and choices.

How to prepare for your first reiki session

Energy healing is gentle, but still can be quite profound – especially if you have prepared yourself physically, and emotionally. For a day or two beforehand, help create an environment in your body that will facilitate the gentle cleanse your body will go through, by:

  • Avoiding caffeine and alcohol and opting for drinking more water (~2 liters a day)
  • Eating mostly organic fresh fruits and veggies
  • Reducing/limiting meat, poultry and fish
  • Cutting down/cutting out smoking
  • Establishing strong boundaries between you and energy draining people or activities, including limiting time around negative people, reducing the news you watch / read, and ditching the doom scrolling at night
  • Taking time for yourself the day before that includes some kind of self-care ritual, whether that is a walk in a natural place, meditating, taking a relaxing bath, spending time with a good friend, or some other activity that helps you relax and/or feel creative

What to expect during & between sessions

During any healing session, you may expect to experience a variety of sensations, including hot or cold, in your body or on your skin. You may feel my hands getting very warm when working on areas of your body/auric body. You may also feel a pins-and-needles or itchy sensation as the electrical nature of revitalizing “chi” moves through an area of stagnated energy.

You may also experience:

  • Seeing colors
  • Past life flashes
  • Involuntary movements
  • Emotional responses (anger, tears, etc.)
  • Rumbling stomach
  • Memory flashes
  • Sensing your hands moving
  • …or you may not feeling anything except very relaxed and fall asleep or into a deep meditative state

After your session, you may experience your body cleansing and detoxing. You might even feel more emotionally raw than usual as you process and release old patterns and past experiences, and you may seem quite moody to loved ones. Comfort them that this is only temporary. Your immune system may be reactivated to help you release toxins or unwanted visitors in the body, which may include more active bowel movements. Fever, headaches, nausea or even cold or flu symptoms might be possible, as well, depending on how profound the release of energy blockages, as well as transient symptoms of joint or muscular pain, skin reactions like itching or rashes, and other signs of an activated immune system as you release and come back into balance. Fatigue is also possible, as your body works to release what no longer serves you.

So be kind to yourself, rest, drink lots of water and eat a healthy diet of organic fruits and veggies. And just like when you prepare for your session, take a few days to cut back on other toxic habits, thoughts, people or daily practices to fully allow your body to heal.

Reiki Touch Therapy – 60 Minutes

* Done in person or remotely

* *Bundling also available with doula services, save half

From pre-conception, to pregnancy and beyond, reiki is a perfect way to help your body relax, detox, and heal.

Babies always welcome in sessions!

60-Minute Session*
5-Session Bundle*$500
10-Session Bundle*$1000
Doula bundle* 5 Sessions**$350
Doula bundle* 10 Sessions**$500
Gift Certificates Available

Add a tarot card reading for $15

Reiki Touch Therapy – 90 Minutes

* Done in-person

* *Bundling also available with doula services, save $125

Although even 10 minutes a day can be beneficial, starting out with 90-minute sessions can give your body a chance to really take a deep-dive into its healing journey.

Babies always welcome in sessions!

90-Minute Session*$125
5-Session Bundle*$625
10-Session Bundle*$1250
Doula Bundle* 5 Sessions**$500
Doula Bundle* 10 Sessions**$1,000
Gift Certificates Available

Add a tarot card reading for $15

Reiki Touch & Lifestyle Coaching

Need support honing in on goals for lifestyle shifts, and making easy and sustainable steps toward wellness? Add an extra 30 minutes of a coaching session to talk about your next step toward a healthier you, and what changes will support healing between sessions to empower you with each stride you made toward wholeness.

60-Minute Reiki / Coaching$125
1-Hour Lifestyle Coaching$100
Add a tarot card reading for $15