Easy ways to connect with others

I get it, we all have busy lives. And a huge part of that busy-ness is emails, Skype meetings, connecting with people on LinkedIn, social media... but have we forgotten how to connect with people in-person? Watch my video above, and get some basic tips on how to start reconnecting in today's digital age! And … Continue reading Easy ways to connect with others

Connection: One tool for self-healing

  There's no better way to wake up on a dark, cloudy morning than a cup of tea! And I loved today's little message on my teabag tag: "Connect." I know when I've felt the most depressed, angry, or alone, most of the time I was lacking the very thing that can turn things around - … Continue reading Connection: One tool for self-healing

Depressed? How to tell, and mood-lifting lifestyle tips

Signs & Symptoms for Depression You have an ongoing sense of hopelessness or feel helpless You are always tired You’ve experienced changes in your sleeping (e.g. insomnia or sleeping too much) and eating patterns (severe weight loss/weight gain) You have difficulty concentrating or remembering things You no longer enjoy usual pastimes, events, or friends and … Continue reading Depressed? How to tell, and mood-lifting lifestyle tips