Combating negativity with human kindness

If you've ever been in a negativity spiral, it can feel like an emotional tailspin. But how can we break that cycle? Believe it or not, self-compassion and self-kindness begins to meeting some of our most integral human needs: One of which is to contribute to society and make a difference. Watch my video to … Continue reading Combating negativity with human kindness

Do you dread asking for help?

Asking for help for me is like the tongue-in-cheek stereotype of the man refusing to ask for directions. I actually get why men do it. It is so much more gratifying for me to be able to complete a task or "mission impossible" on my own without outside intervention. To ask for help indicates that … Continue reading Do you dread asking for help?

Can meditation reverse anxiety and low self-esteem?

Breathing can help prolong your life. Well, especially when you combine it with meditation. In an age where we are constantly multi-tasking, plugged in, inundated with images, facts and emails and enduring constant over-stimulation, it’s no wonder we’re exhausted and a little frayed at the edges each day. And when you have added stress, it can … Continue reading Can meditation reverse anxiety and low self-esteem?