Girl Power for Women’s Day

Today is International Women's Day and I am hoping to empower some of my female readers today - with song. Women in America have had the tendency to sacrifice heart and health for others. We often feel our worth in every one else's successes, and stand back proudly to support them in every way they … Continue reading Girl Power for Women’s Day

Combating negativity with human kindness

If you've ever been in a negativity spiral, it can feel like an emotional tailspin. But how can we break that cycle? Believe it or not, self-compassion and self-kindness begins to meeting some of our most integral human needs: One of which is to contribute to society and make a difference. Watch my video to … Continue reading Combating negativity with human kindness

Let’s talk about blood (post share)

A potent new feminine-hygiene ad gets unabashedly bloody to talk about periods—and, in the process, it nails what’s missing in the rest of the advertising world’s “female empowerment” movement. The ad for Bodyform, a UK maker of pads and liners, features a host of badass women—surfers, boxers, rugby players, dancers, and even a medieval knight—getting … Continue reading Let’s talk about blood (post share)

Can meditation reverse anxiety and low self-esteem?

Breathing can help prolong your life. Well, especially when you combine it with meditation. In an age where we are constantly multi-tasking, plugged in, inundated with images, facts and emails and enduring constant over-stimulation, it’s no wonder we’re exhausted and a little frayed at the edges each day. And when you have added stress, it can … Continue reading Can meditation reverse anxiety and low self-esteem?